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Soundcraft LX7ii

The Soundcraft LX7ii 32 is part of the LX7ii series, Soundcraft's second generation of their acclaimed LX7 consoles. With 32 high quality input channels, and an easy to use control surface layout, the LX7ii 32 is the ideal mixing solution in both recording as well as live applications. More Info

Soundcraft LX7

The LX7 combines the Soundcraft live mixer qualities with basic recording-oriented features, in a compact frame that's light enough for one person to carry yet easy to configure and use. With 16 channels this makes it especially suitable for multi-purpose use in venues such as small halls and community centres, while its direct channel outputs make the LX7 an ideal choice for bands who need a live desk that can double up in the studio.  More Info

Soundcraft EPM12

The emphasis with the Soundcraft EPM Series is very firmly on quality audio performance, with an easy-to-understand control surface. The EPM12 features Soundcraft's GB30 mic preamp (as used on the large-format LX7ii and GB Series desks) to provide high headroom and precision control of mic signals. More Info

Soundcraft Notepad

The Soundcraft Notepad mixer has a highly-compact and solid chassis. The Notepad has 4 mono mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line inputs, and suits a very wide range of applications where simple yet high-quality mixing is required, such as in home recording, small band/cabaret PA systems, AV presentation systems, small broadcast edit suites, educational environments and general contracting. More Info.

Soundcraft Powerstation

Powerstation combinins a high quality Mixer, Effects Controller, Graphic Equaliser and Power Amplifier in a single unit. Powerstation is provided as standard with a pair of stereo inputs. Each stereo input includes a 3-band fixed frequency EQ and similar facilities to the mono input. A built-in 7-band Graphic Equaliser offers precise correction of the output signal if required, and is normally patched into the input to the integral power amplifier. More Info.

Sound Desks

Yamaha M7

The M7CL series is a digital live-sound console that is easy and intuitive to use, and in-depth access management facilities that will be particularly appreciated in installations. The M7CL is familiar and comfortable to use, offering a level of convenience that overturns the preconception that "digital is difficult". A surprising range of functions that you would normally have to supply in the form of peripheral equipment is built in, and all of this is provided in a space that is dramatically less than an analogue console of similar scope.  More info

Yamaha LS9 16 & 32

With their compact size and light weight the Yamaha LS9 models are ideal for space critical sound applications such as theatre and conference work without sacrificing sound quality or functionality. The Yamaha LS9 features the same blend of powerful processing with a simple user interface.

While being compact and light enough for one person to move and set up easily, both models include features that have been field-proven as well as outstanding sonic quality. Built-in USB memory recorder/player for recording or BGM playback and other functions that give you everything you need for small to medium scale live sound or installed applications in remarkably compact, all-in-one consoles.

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Yamaha CL5

Yamaha's Centralogic is the core user interface of the CL5 which offers a new, efficient level of operating. The CL consoles are also ready for remote control and online editing via an Apple iPad® or other computer. Control is familiar and intuitive, while at the same time offering extensive freedom.

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