Drapes & Flats

Conference at Excel

Black wool serge drapes are traditionally used in theatre settings, however they are also a great way of blocking off areas at an event, separating a room, or creating a backdrop for a presentation or conference.

More economical than using a solid surface, they are quicker to put up and take down, easily stored and are very good at deadening sound.

Our range covers everything from very large backdrops to small valances to cover the front of a stage.

Need something to hang your drapes from? We have a full range of curtain track, runners and pulleys for hire. If you are unsure what you need we are happy to provide a full proposal based on your specification. Larger events we can supply truss and motors to hang your drapes from, in the smaller ones we have adjustable "Pipe & Drape" system from which to create free standing drape configurations.

Bubbles Lighting also offers a full install service, from planning to completion, for any venue.

Black drapes can make a room a blank canvas in which you can create whatever atmosphere you were hoping to achieve.

Other colours are available on request.

Panto Castle

Flats and portals are very useful if you need a more solid background to your event or show. They can be hard or soft covered and can come in a range of colours. Through our inhouse workshop we are able to make bespoke sets and flats for all your stage needs.

Awards Stage