Special Effects

Special effects can be created in a wide variety of ways and are available in many forms. Lighting can be used to create effects such as water and fire, where as air can be used to launch confetti into the air. Smoke machines come in all sizes and styles of effect from heavy fog to light haze or mist - when combined.
Don't forget about Pyrotechnics to make your event spectacular ! from small smoke puffs to indoor fireworks there is something for every occasion.

Stage Lighting Effect

Scanners and rotating battens
Mirror Balls
Fixed Speed Gobo Rotator
Vari Speed Chroma Q Gobo Rotator
Single Chroma Q Gobo Rotator PSU
8 Way DMX Chroma Q PSU
Chroma Q Colour Scrollers (supplied with standard colour roll)
Custom colour rolls can be made to your colour call - N.B: charge applies...

DHA animation discs combined with gobo’s can be used to create effects such as fire, rain and water.

DHA Vari Speed Motor Unit.
DHA Animation Disc.
DHA DC Controller.

Smoke and Haze

Microfog Smoke Machine
Optimist Smoke Machine inc. 5m remote.
G300 Smoke Machine with DMX facility.
Antari Low Fog Machine inc 10m remote.

DF50 Haze Machine
Hazebase Base Hazer Pro
Fans to assist when using smoke and haze


Need sparks, wiz's, bangs and more - then pyrotecnics is what you need. Perfect for Genie entrances or a Wow factor at the of a song with spark jets - let your imagination go wild ...

2 Way Le Maitre Pyro Detonator.
6 /24 Way Le Maitre Pyro Detonator.
Standard Flash Pod.
Angled Flash Pod.
Girb Holders

Large stocks of cable and split box's to link all your devices

We can supply all your Le Maitre consumables to fit the machines you are renting, contact us for your requirements or click the link below to view Le Maitre products.

Electric Air Cannon

Air cannons are a great way to create an effect. They can be filled with confetti or streamers and be used in so many ways from the finale at the end of a performance to wedding ceremonies. Used individually or in multiples for a wide variety of effects.
Call to discuss the many options they can be used for.

An alternative to pyro and smoke - why not use confetti or glitter !! Need a wow factor at the end of your show or party why not let confetti flutter down over your finale scene or audience.

A Gobo is a piece of metal or glass that can be placed inside some lights to block out parts of the light. This creates a silhouette that is projected as a shape of light, allowing patterns of light to be formed. In the entertainment industry, a gobo is used to control the modelling effect of the existing light or to create shadows. In the theatre industry, gobos are used to create more stylized shadows like trees, fire, water. A gobo rotator can be used to rotate a single gobo image around its center in a circle for an eye-catching effect. Gobos mounted in rotators or by adding annimation wheels can be an alternative way of producing movent for your show with out expensive moving light technolagy.

Contact us for how we can help get the right mood for your show.