Whether you want a small bar to hang lights from or a complete stage for a concert, we have a range of truss and rigging equipment that is flexible enough to cater to any rigging requirements.

All our equipment is available with experienced NRC riggers or as a dry hire. Our experienced staff are happy to give advice for you to choose the correct equipment for your show.

All our equipment is regularly inspected, tested and maintained to the highest standards, and all electrical equipment is always PAT tested before leaving our warehouse.

Our truss stock includes: Slick Lightbeam and Minibeam, Trilight, Thomas Super, Thomas GP & Thomas Tower Truss including corners, towerplates and base plates.

1T Manual Chain Hoist, 0.25T, 0.5T & 1T Electric Chain Hoists, Controllers, Power distribution, Pickles and accessories.

Do you know the weight of your rig ? We stock Broadweigh Load Cells to accurately weigh your show, from lights to speaker and scenery to ensure you do not overload your venue.

Need all the other bits - we stock clamps, Spansets, Gackflex/Soft steels, shackles, steel cables, ratchet straps, wire rope crimp kits and all the other rigging accessories to ensure you can safley rig your show.

We have a large range of stands, including Mobil Tech, Manfrotto and Powerdrive which can be adjusted for different heights and loads, please contact us for more information.



We have extensive stocks of Slick Litebeam Truss including corners, tower plates and base plates to enable you to build either flown or ground supported structures. For more information of of our stocks click to download our data sheet


Thomas Truss is available in 30cm and 52cm General Purpose and Tower sections when heavier loading is needed.
Also stocked is 52cm and 76cm Super Truss for those large span.
Contact us to help you choose the option that is best suited to your application.



Need to hang your lighting truss or PA hang, need something to hang your drape truss up then we can supply a wide range of hoists to suit your requirement's from 0.5T and 1T manual hoists to 0.25T, 0.5t and 1T Electric Hoists. We offer a full range of accessories from cables and pickles to controllers, from steel cables to spansets and shackles - everything you need to get your show in the air

Load Cells

2.4 GHz 4.75t Load Shackle
Bluetooth-3.25t Load-Shackle

Do you know heavy your rig is ? Do you need to ensure you do not overload your rigging point ? - We have large stocks of Broadweigh Load Cells for hire.

Contact us to discuss our weighing services to ensure you know your shows weights. We are able to offer a full weighing facility during rehearsal, while out on tour, in your theatre or in a hotel for a corporate presentation.
From single point cells to full multipoint systems - Know your loads !!

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