Stage Management

This equipment is the unsung hero list that without it your show may not run smoothly.

To run effectively you need good communication between crew - so two way radios for use when setting up and headset comms for show time are essential. Let us put a communication package together for your next show to run smoothly.

Do you have an orchestra or band ? need music stands ? then we can help with music stands and conductor stands to ensure the music plays on. Don't let your musicians play in the dark - all our music stands are illuminated so they won;t miss a beat !!

Props and things - need to make a telephone ring on stage - we have a box just for that, need a wall or table light we can do that too. We have a wide selection of stage props so drop us a call to see how we can help. If we do not have it we may be able to make it for you. Don't forget your coloured tape to mark out the stage - Our sales section holds a range of tape to mark up your stage or stick your dance floor down.

Need to keep an eye on things out in the field - then look no further - our CCTV systems can take care of that. Call us to discuss how we can provide a system to cover your needs.

For more details of the equipment and services we can offer, call the office to discuss your requirments.